sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

Baiastice,Zibska and FZaPP

Hair: Zibska Nan ~ Black
Earrings: FZaPP Earrings Fashion 10  NEW
Necklace:FZaPP Necklace Fashion Pecola 10 NEWBracelets:FZaPP Bracelets Fashion 10 NEW Jumpsuit: Baiastice_Vienna Mesh-fire

Pose: The Muse Poses - Imani Masai Mara ( 1 set) NEW
Jumpsuit: Baiastice_Vienna Mesh -olive NEW
Necklace/Piercing: FZaPP SET Tribo Fal MESH NEW
Headpiece: FZaPP Readpiece Tribo Fal MESH NEW
Bracelets: FZaPP Egito MESH

Hair: Zibska
Necklace: ZIBSKA Varushka includes 11 colours, as with most of our pieces, is big, bold and takes a certain sort of personality to wear it with finesse.NEW
Bracelets: FZaPP Bracelets Fashion 12 NEW
Bag: (Baiastice) bag '70 green
Jumpsuit: Baiastice_Vienna Mesh Jumpsuit-black

The Jumpsuit are beautiful and has included these beautiful belts available more choices of colors and is 100% Mesh
Familia Black Br Fashion

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