domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012

Kabuki Creations

*Kabuki ~ "Stay Forever" Couples Hammock + Palms trees.
Featuring :
*30 heart melting cuddles & kisses
*Including 3 couple sleeping animations
*Single & Friends menu
*No poseball
*ON/OFF swinging menu button
*Texture changer for hammock, base & towel
*Comes in 2 design with or without palm trees with animated shadow
*Adjustable positions
*COPY/No Trans version

Familia Black Br Fashion

sábado, 22 de dezembro de 2012


Necklace,earrings,bracelets and Rings Set 2013 Mesh FZaPP

Available in colors:


Familia Black Br Fashion

quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2012


Hair: Dela*
Lips:Pink Acid Eyelashes & Glitter Gloss + Blush 29 Pack NEW!
Nail:Candy Nail #P081 Ladylike Black
Necklace/Bracelets:FZaPP Set BlackOnly Black
Maquigem Eye:Zibska ~ Mira Eyeshadow
Lips:Pink Acid Eyelashes & Glitter Gloss + Blush 29 Pack NEW!
Top:::LC:: Caged Harness [Gold] NEW
 Skirt : ::LC:: Leather Crinkle Skirt Black NEW
Garter: ::LC Basic Garter Black NEW
Boots: [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots Black for Collabor 88 NEW!

Lips: Pink Acid Breeze Lipstick Frost Edition 6 Pack NEW!
Belt: ::LC:: Tassled Belt
Necklace: ZIBSKA Ouida Collar [Chest] NEW!
Bag: Ricielli Mesh - Cowhide Tote Leather Bag (hand)//olive
Blouse: ::LC:: Lethal Singers Fair Pack-Clothing
 Legging : ::LC::  Geometric[mint] NEW!
Bracelet: Ryca
Nail: Candy Nail #P087 Hailstone Blue NEW!
BOOTS: [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots for Collabor 88

Familia Black Br Fashion

segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2012

Group gift DEC

Hair: Unorthodox
Makeup: Zibska ~ Mira Eyeshadow NEW
Lips: Pink Acid Eyelashes & Creme Lips 24 Pack NEW
DRESS/CAP and EARRINGS: FZaPP SET Merry Christmas Group Gift DEC NEW
Nail:Candy Nail #P086 Gloria White NEW
Shoes: Similar

Familia Black Br Fashion

sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012


Skin: {Meghindo's} ~ Andreea 2.0 ~ Au Naturelle ~ Dark ~
Hair: :::Fab-U-Lous:::: Rita (Black) NEW!
Eye makeup:Zibska ~ Mira Eyeshadow NEW!
Lips: Pink Acid Creme Lips - Apricot NEW!
Dress:22769 ~ [femme] Eryka Dress Sunrise
Earrings:FZaPP Tijuca
Bracelets:FZaPP Egito Mesg
Nail and Ring:Candy Nail #P086 Gloria Christmas Red NEW !

Familia Black Br Fashion


Hair::::Fab-U-Lous::::LIsa (Brick tipped) NEW!
Eye makeup:Zibska ~ Mira Eyeshadow NEW!
Lips: Pink Acid Eyelashes & Creme Lips - Orange NEW!
Earrings: FZaPP Earrings Sao Paulo Black/Gold
Top and Pants: [VM] VERO MODERO / Harem Mesh Set NEW!
Nail:Candy Nail #P086 Gloria Gold NEW!
Bracelet 1: FZaPP Bracelets Fashion 03
Bracelet and Rings 2: FZaPP RETO GOLD NEW!Shoes: [Amarelo Manga] - Summer Pumps [Orange]

Familia Black Br Fashion

segunda-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2012


Hair: :::Fab-U-Lous::::Lisa (Black) NEW!
Hat:::LC:: Lethal Singers NEW! - FOR FAIR
Glasses: ::LC:: King Me Shades Dark [Black & Gold]
Lips: Pink Acid Eyelashes & Creme Lips 24 Pack NEW!
Earrings: FZaPP Earrings&Ring Magick 01 Gold
Ear cuff: FZaPP Ear Cuff RLx SL Gold
Necklace: ::LC:: Channel Letter NEW! FOR FAIR
Top: ::LC:: Spiked Bra [gold] NEW!  FOR FAIR
Short:::LC:: Spiked Bra [gold] NEW! FOR FAIR
Nail:Candy Nail #P086 Gloria Gold NEW!
Bracelets: FZaPP Bracelet Lindo Gold
Rings:FZaPP Rings RL X SL Gold SAFIRA
Boots: ::LC:: High Studded Combat [Noir] NEW! FOR FAIR

Familia Black Br Fashion

domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

CANDY NAIL / [Amarelo Manga] / Pink Acid News!!!

Hair: :::Fab-U-Lous:::: Rita (Black) NEW!
Makeup: Zibska Mira ~ Gold NEW!
Necklace+Earrings: Zibska ~ Ziza Deux NEW!
Blouse: [Amarelo Manga] - Blouse Emilly [Turquoise] NEW!
Bracelets: FZaPP Bracelets LoNgosXique 02
Nail&RING: Candy Nail #P086 Gloria Christmas Red NEW! ( Promotion!)
Pants & BOOTS: Pink Acid Bees Through The Season Items NEW!

Familia Black Br Fashion

Day ^_^ Day

Hair:[monso] My Hair - Yoon/ Cookie Pack - Black
Skin: [:ME:] Liberty Exotic Skintone
Makeup:Pink Acid Eyelashes & Creme Lips 24 Pack NEW!
Necklace: ZIBSKA Peaches ~ Necklace Panda
Blouse: *COCO*_SleevelessBlouse&Cuff_White
Jacket:[monso] My Baseball Jacket - Navy
skirt:[monso] My Leather Skirt - Red (Several other colors available.) NEW!
Nail/RINGS: :+*R*+: Mother Goose Watch Ring NW  FOR CHIC FAIR Nov 2012 NEW!
Bag: WHITE MUSIC BAG -poses *Tea Time*(mesh-rsz)
Bracelets: [[SHADE THRONE]] KIM

Shoes: [monso] My Fancy Flat Shoes - Pointed Cat/ Red NEW (Several other colors available!)
these shoes will be released at arcade ( start Dec 1st )
there are 2 types in this gatcha
cat flats - 2 styles. 6 colors each
sheep flats - rare ! 2 colors.

Familia Black Br Fashion

22769 ~ and ZIBSKA

exture change [8 colours] floral necklace and earrings, available at a special price for the TGGS project [$L 75] for the current cycle [ends Dec 14] after which the set will be available at the main shop, regular price.


Turbant: 22769 ~ [femme] Headwraps: Achieng, Badu, Malia
Dress: 22769 ~ [femme] Achieng Dress Moon
Necklace and Earrings: Zibska ~ Amelie
Eyeshadow :Zibska ~ Celen Eyeshadow
Lips: Pink Acid Alter Ego Eyelashes & Lip Gloss -Blue/Purple @ marketplace NEW
Nail:Candy Nail #P000 Basic French Nails 12color change
Bracelets: FZaPP Bracelet Mesh Egito
Rings: FZaPP Ring Silver/Blue Mazon Mesh

22769Headwraps: Achieng, Badu, Malia
22769 ~ [homme] slim cut leather jeans brown
22769 ~ [homme] Oversized Shirt Desert
Necklace: FZaPP Men Amazonia

Familia Black Br Fashion