sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012


These bracelets are inspired by the photo below the RL are available in FZaPP
You also have the option to use them separately

Zibska ~ Nan Hair 5 Color Pack NEW - The Nan Hair, 5 colour pack  Simple, clean, fun to play with. Thru the edit menu you can change the tilt for a jaunty effect, pull it down into the eyes for another or flatten it a bit and have a hat and hair all in one, sorta. gift

Bodysuit:  Zibska ~ Zvonimira Bodysuit Trio NEW -  5 colour packs [greys, greens, blues, berries and browns] are available in the shop, each pack includies 4 tones, created on all clothing layers for layering ease.

Spirit Store - Toto rigged mesh long skirt white

Bracelets: FZaPP Bracelets Summer RL X SL NEW - You also have the option to use them separately

Earrings: FZaPP Novo Gold Mix NEW

Familia Black Br Fashion

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